Who are we?

Meistr is not for us, it is for all of you.

We are here to make luxury products accessible.

Why spend $200 on a watch, when you can get exact the same quality for less?

That is what Meistr offers: quality.

We do not sell cheap accessories for a low price, we sell quality for a low price.


Meistr is founded in December 2015, in The Hague, The Netherlands.

We got the idea of founding this business, because we dealt with a problem, a lot of people deal with.

We like accessories such as sunglasses and watches, but why pay $80 for a pair of sunglasses,

when you get them for $25?

This idea got us thinking, why not give all of you this opportunity?


We started from that idea, and ever since, Meistr only improved. 

Better quality, a larger range of products, and most of all, lower prices!

Everyday, we listen to customers, so that Meistr always meets your demands!



Piet Hein Schuyff, Founder of Meistr.

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